Maintain a balanced diet during exam season

No matter what time of year it is, kids who are doing their exams need to stay healthy in order to succeed.

A nutritious diet has been linked to educational performance in various studies, showing just how important it is to keep an eye on what youngsters are eating.

There are several steps that parents can take to make sure their children are at the top of the game when they enter the exam hall.

Boost fruit intake

Many kids fail to get the recommended daily amount of fruit, so make sure they go off to school with a few different varieties for them to snack on during the day.

Just for a change, you might want to try giving your child dried fruit, which provides a tasty and nutritious means of keeping hunger at bay.

The same can be said for canned fruit, as this is can be easily stored in the kitchen cupboard as back-up.

Cut down on sugary drinks

Children who have sugary drinks at school are likely to see their performance affected, not least because they receive a sudden boost of energy but then come down quite quickly afterwards.

This can affect their concentration when they need it most in an exam.

Water is the best option for kids, but low-calorie cordials are available for youngsters who prefer something a little tastier.

Parents might want to consider adding a couple of drops of SweetLeaf Stevia Liquid for a healthy way of adding a bit of sweetness to an everyday drink. Alternatively the new 1Cal drink made from Stevia is sure to please with flavours like Orange, Lemon and Bubblegum.

Encourage new foods

Some children have a restricted diet, so parents should think about trying to get them interested in new foods where possible.

These can help improve the amount of vitamins and minerals the child is receiving, which in turn can boost their performance in exams.

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