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Xylitol Side Effects: Virtually None

New to xylitol? Our recommendation: Moderation. A little time and patience. You with us? Good!

Xylitol is considered a healthy alternative to sugar and lacks major side effects. In fact, most users experience no side effects when using the recommended dosage (usually 6-8 grams/day) for dental benefits.

However, beware too much too soon. For example, when using our xylitol products for cooking and baking, some people who use xylitol in large quantities (usually more than 60 grams/day) may initially experience diarrhea. Many of these people report that the diarrhea subsides even as they continue to use large quantities of xylitol. Their digestive systems adjust to the xylitol.

Because it is a low glycemic sweetener, xylitol has only small effects on blood sugar and insulin release. Many diabetics consider it a safe alternative to sugar and many dieters use it in low carb diets.

Those initially worried about allergies or quality control typically count themselves among our biggest fans and customers.

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