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How To Use Xylitol

It is not necessary to replace all sweeteners to get the dental benefits of xylitol. Look for xylitol sweetened products that encourage chewing or sucking to keep the xylitol in contact with your teeth. The best items use xylitol as the principal sweetener.

How Much?

Studies show that 6 to 8 grams of xylitol per day are very effective. It is easy to keep track of your xylitol intake. The "all xylitol" mints and gums contain about one gram of xylitol in each piece. You could begin with as little as one piece four times a day for a total of four grams. It is not necessary to use more than 15 grams per day as higher intakes yield diminishing dental benefits.

How Often?

If used only occasionally or even as often as once a day, xylitol may NOT be effective, regardless of the amount. Use xylitol at least three, and preferably 5 times every day.

When Should I Use It?

Use immediately after eating and clearing the mouth by swishing water, if possible. Between meals, replace ordinary chewing gum, breath mints, or breath spray with comparable xylitol products.

What You Need To Know

"Not all products that contain xylitol produce the same results.  In order for the product you use to be effective in preventing caries, it must contain a high concentration of xylitol. Many manufacturers dilute the benefits of xylitol by using smaller, ineffective amounts.

Look for chewing gums and mints that are 100% xylitol sweetened.  Most mints and gums in this category contain about 1 gram of xylitol per piece. Since as little as 4 grams of xylitol per day have been shown to be effective, one piece of 100% xylitol candy or gum 4 times per day will provide the cavity-busting benefits you want.

In addition, some xylitol products contain ingredients, fillers or other sweeteners that are not natural. These are not recommended for those seeking the benefits of an all-natural product like xylitol."


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