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Epic: Immediate Dry Mouth Help

“You may be able to improve your saliva flow by chewing sugar-free gum.” That’s the Mayo Clinic talking.

Know that if you’re one of tens of thousands who suffer dry mouth, Epic can help you feel better and have a healthier mouth almost immediately.

Your saliva’s naturally designed to protect your teeth - serving as a gentle buffer between your teeth and the acid produced by the food you eat. Saliva can even help heal the acid erosion by redepositing calcium and phosphate on your teeth.

Increase your saliva. Dramatically reduce your risk of tooth decay and poor oral health.

We can help.

All of Epic’s Oral Care products are naturally sweetened with dry mouth's answer: xylitol. And sweet things, like xylitol, naturally stimulate saliva flow.

Epic's Triple Threat Against Dry Mouth

Both our gums and mints are ideal ways - through chewing and sucking - to produce additional saliva.

And because we use xylitol as our exclusive sweetener, you'll get all of xylitol's sugar-free, tooth friendly benefits, but you won't pollute your mouth with aspartame or any of the other nasty chemicals found in so many other sugar-free products.

So, whether your dry mouth’s been brought on by the natural effects of aging or by some other issue, you’ll be refreshingly glad you added Epic to your daily life.

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