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SweetLeaf Organic Sweetener Sachets 1,000ct (WPS1000ORG)

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  • Zero GI
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Calories
  • 100% Natural
Quick Overview

SweetLeaf Organic Stevia 1,000ct Sachet Box. SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener is the world's best tasting stevia. It is the only stevia-based sweetener that uses only cool purified water and the highest quality stevia leaves in its proprietary extraction process. The result is the purest and sweetest stevia on the market today. Best before date for current stock is January 2020.

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SweetLeaf  Organic Stevia Sweetener in an economical 1,000 count sachet box is the first completely natural, organic, no-calorie, no-carbohydrate, no-glycemic index sweetener! Just one packet is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. Made from the purified extracts from the stevia leaf SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener has absolutely nothing artificial in it!

Ideal for diabetics weight watchers and everyone else too this Kosher-certified sweetener uses only the highest quality stevia. And unlike chemical sweeteners it is great for cooking and baking. Stir it into your coffee or tea, sweeten up your bowl of cereal, use it in your cooking and baking and ban the calories and chemicals found in sugar and artificial sweeteners. No saccharin, aspartame, refined sugar, maltodextrin, fructose or artificial sweeteners of any kind!

SweetLeaf is safe for cooking and baking, and is heat and freezer stable. Please refer to the conversion chart below when substituting SweetLeaf Stevia for sugar.

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