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About Us

A solely owned Australian company, operating since 2003, Naturally Sweet Products (previously Xlear Australia) is THE original source for natural, healthy sugars and have been bringing you natural sugar alternatives for many years, from here and overseas. Very simply, we are against artificial sweeteners and fructose sugar because they harm our health in so many ways. We bring the guarantee of 100% natural, 100% quality & 100% purity to every Australian household.

While we supply our own brand (Naturally Sweet) we are also very proud to have been chosen to be the sole Australian distributor of the fantastic SweetLeaf products, from Wisdom Natural Brands in the USA, who have obtained world wide recognition for their great tasting, alcohol-free Stevia products. No other products compare to SweetLeaf!

In recent times, we have also created an agreement with Epic Dental, which continues our long association with the use of Xylitol for dental protection.  Epic have produced a range of Xylitol products that contain more than 45% than similar leading brands.  This means that you, the customer, receive greater benefit for less money.

What makes our sugar alternatives healthy?

From obesity to diabetes, the health consequences of eating too much sugar are widely reported. Our sweeteners are what we like to call healthy sugar, because they are a source of sweetness - but without the extra kilos on your waistline, the diabetes risk or even the tooth decay.

This is because they contain nearly zero calories while retaining a delicious flavour, meaning that you can sweeten your morning coffee or cereal free of guilt or consequence.

Why go natural?

Many artificial sweeteners contain harmful additives that have been known to be detrimental to health and wellbeing. Our natural sugar products come from nature, and are free of controversial ingredients such as aspartame.

Like the fruit on the trees and the vegetables in the earth, they are not chemically altered to be sweet and delicious - they just come that way!

Do I need a sugar replacement?

If you are of a healthy weight and have no obvious risks for obesity, diabetes or other related health complications,then you may be asking yourself why you would need a sugar replacement.

When you think about it, almost every processed food contains sugar of some kind. Even options that would be considered savoury, such as pasta or bread, are usually sweetened.

So while you may believe you are free of risk, in actual fact you could be consuming a lot of sugar.

Using natural alternatives, such as Stevia or Xylitol, allow you to enjoy all of your sweet treats, without worrying about the calorie intake nor the impact in other areas.

As a company, we do not compromise on quality & we value our customers by providing the best customer experience we can when they deal with us. We also only choose to work with like minded suppliers and unlike many other "health" companies, we ONLY specialise in natural sugars and are the Australian experts in these products.

That is why we were chosen by Wisdom, the makers of SweetLeaf, who are recognised for having the best quality Stevia products in the world to be their Australian distributors. So if you are looking at a sugar replacement for your health, weight loss, sugar diabetes or improved dental protection then you have come to the right place.

Why would you compromise your health on inferior products to save a few cents? Please take the time to have a look at our Testimonials and decide for yourself. We would love to have you join us.

David MacKinnon
Managing Director

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