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Weight loss tip: add fruit or veggies to every meal

If you are looking to lose a few extra kilos in time for summer, then chances are you have explored a few different diet plans.

Most of them promise quick and easy weight loss, but in reality they are hard to follow and difficult to sustain.

Sometimes it is worth going back to basics and choosing tried and tested weight loss approaches.

One of these is adding fruit or veggies to every meal. These types of food are high in fibre and nutrients, meaning that they can actually keep you feeling full for longer than bread, rice and other carbohydrates - plus they contain less calories.

The only trick is, try not to consume fruit and veggies on top of what you already eat. It is better to replace some of the foods in your diet with these ingredients instead. For example, if you usually eat a sandwich for lunch, ditch the bread and eat a salad or top wholegrain crackers with veggies.

Here are a few more ideas for including fruit and vegetables with breakfast, lunch and dinner!


·         Add 1/2 cup of berries to your cereal
·         Fruit salad and low-fat yoghurt
·         Avocado & tomato on whole grain toast
·         Raw fruit and veggie juice
·         Scrambled eggs, spinach and mushrooms


·         Fresh salad, e.g. spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber. Try to include protein too, such as eggs, chickpeas or meat.
·         Hearty vegetable soups or casseroles
·         Raw platter - vegetable sticks, peanut butter, low-fat cheese
·         Vegetable frittata or lasagne


·         Steamed vegetables and meat or fish
·         Vegetable stir fry
·         Vegetarian curries on brown rice or with lentils
·         Mexican - mince, red kidney beans, mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes, accompanied by fresh garden salad and whole grain wraps or tacos
·         Roast vegetable salad with fresh herbs and baby spinach

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