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Weight Loss and Stevia

Some people decide to lose a few pounds before any time they might be tea-drinkingtempted to eat more than usual – holidays and Christmas immediately spring to mind. Others look to lose the extra weight a little overindulgence has produced after the event. Losing weight is the number one New Year resolution around the world. And how many times have you heard a colleague returning from their annual vacation saying they need to go on a diet?

Whatever your reasons for dieting, and whenever you want to lose weight, a major hurdle you will likely face is making your food tasty enough to eat. Food without those added sugars just isn’t the same. Yet it is the sugars in food that make it good edible: but it is also the addictive quality of those sugars that cause us to overeat.

By using Stevia as a sugar substitute, you’ll be helping your weight loss program in a number of ways.

Stevia – the all-natural solution

Stevia is a natural product, unlike most of the other substitutes for sugar. Sweeteners such as Splenda are manufactured using a chemical process, and contain calories because of the way they are made. Using Stevia in your baking, or as a sweetening additive to drinks, has an immediate benefit: no bad chemicals. But even more importantly, perhaps, is the fact that Stevia adds no calories to your food or drink. It just tastes great.

A sweetening additive that is not addictive

One of the problems with great tasting food is that the taste comes from the added sugar. It is this added sugar that is the real problem for anyone that suffers with an overweight problem. Of course, these added sugars add calories to your diet but even worse is that they make you want to eat more. They trick your brain into ignoring your stomach telling you that you don’t need to eat more. That’s why so many of us eat until we’re fit to burst.

Helping weight loss in two ways

By using Stevia in your food, drinks, and beverages – there are plenty of different Stevia products whatever your needs - you’ll be doubly benefiting during any weight loss program. First, with zero calories and zero carbohydrates your food will be less fattening. But then Stevia works in a second way by allowing your stomach to tell you when to stop eating. No more overeating and no more taking in all those unnecessary calories – yet your food will still taste great.

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