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Using Xylitol To Lose Weight

If you’re put on weight over the festive season, it is the added calories in Wisdom Happy People_Smallsugary products that will have helped you pile on those few extra pounds. Food manufacturers have long since known that by using added sugars in your food you’ll actually want to eat more, so it should come as no surprise that there is more than double the quantity of added sugars in food products today than there was 30 years ago. Be aware, however, that it’s not only the calories that count; it’s the addictive quality of foods with added sugar that will have accelerated any weight gain.

Xylitol can help you achieve weight loss because it does not act in the same way as sugar. You’ll be taking in fewer calories, and eating less too because it doesn’t inhibit your brain from telling you that you’ve eaten enough. In contrast, artificial sweeteners such as Splenda are made through employing a chemical process, which mixes table sugar with chlorine. There are a couple more stages that this mixture goes through, but the result is a sucralose product which produces a sweetener that actually contains calories!

The benefits of Xylitol as a sugar substitute

Xylitol is a natural product, which can be added to all your foods and drinks. You’ll still get the kick of sweetness you crave, but you won’t be getting those hidden calories found in artificial sweeteners like Splenda.

How to use Xylitol as a sugar substitute to lose weight

Xylitol comes in a variety of products, making it easy to use as part of your weight loss program. For all your baking needs, Naturally Sweet Xylitol products will be perfect whatever you are cooking – perhaps a Zucchini Cake will take your fancy? And for something really refreshing, why not whisk up a Strawberry Smoothie using Xylitol, and some wonderful French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Xylitol – the natural choice for weight loss

As a natural product, Xylitol has some great benefits that artificial sweeteners simply don’t. It won’t make you crave more food unnecessarily, yet will give you the sweetness kick you desire without the calories and carbohydrates other artificial sweeteners or added sugars contain. Whatever your reason for losing weight, and however much you want to lose, using Xylitol and Xylitol products will help you achieve your goal.

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