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Diet , Obesity

Some worrying statistics have come out of the UK which shows where the contribution to our sugar intake comes from. The statistics are particularly concerning for children. The situation has gotten so bad that several countries (France, Hungary & Mexico) have imposed taxes on sugary... Read More

January 29, 2015 0 Comments
Diet , Health , Children

Wisdom Natural Brands, the makers of SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener have announced a partnership with Phoenix-based (USA) Project Million to help educate schoolchildren about the importance of healthy eating. SweetLeaf provided Project Million founder Matthew Landen with SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™, which will be included... Read More

February 16, 2014 0 Comments
Diet , Obesity

  Is Australia beating childhood obesity?Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data has shown rates of obesity in children flattened out between 2008 and 2012. This prompted Professor Tim Olds, from the University of South Australia to declare that the war on childhood obesity is being won... Read More

November 25, 2013 0 Comments
Stevia , Health

Stevia vs Splenda Low sugar or ‘sugar free’ diets are becoming more prevalent as the health industry becomes more aware of the ill-health effects of sugar, and particularly as the amount of added sugars in pre-prepared foods has more than doubled in the last thirty... Read More

October 28, 2013 0 Comments
Liquid Stevia , Children

A sugar-free, fat-free chocolate milk may soon become a major solution for school districts battling childhood obesity. “White chocolate” milk, made from skim milk mixed with SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia, wowed Florida elementary and middle school students in taste tests and has been served at schools... Read More

August 31, 2013 0 Comments
Stevia , Liquid Stevia

Press Release - SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™ Vanilla Crème was awarded the Stevia Tasteful Award 2013 by the World Stevia Organization at the recent Stevia Tasteful 2013 gathering in Paris. The award recognizes the best-tasting finished stevia product in the world. "This is the... Read More

August 25, 2013 0 Comments
Diet , Stevia , Health , Obesity , Children

Childhood obesity is a striking problem in the developed world, and as parents we need to consider how we can keep our own children from adding to the ever-growing obesity statistics in Australia. Unfortunately, because there is more and more processed, ready-to-eat food available in... Read More

August 13, 2013 0 Comments
Diabetes , Children

Last month, the government released the 2013 State of Public Health report, and since then all eyes have been on Tasmania – now one of the country’s most overweight and unhealthy states. As a result, health experts are discussing the possibility of introducing a so-called... Read More

July 14, 2013 0 Comments
Diet , Health , Obesity

Imagine you sit down to enjoy your favourite low fat yoghurt... You know it has far fewer calories than the standard yoghurts at the supermarket, so you don’t feel guilty about eating one. After you finish it, you realize you’re still a little peckish, so... Read More

June 8, 2013 0 Comments

Australia is currently suffering from a childhood obesity epidemic, with the number of overweight children expected to grow even further over the next few years. As parents, it’s important we understand that raising healthy children and teaching them good eating habits for life begins right... Read More

May 10, 2013 0 Comments
Diet , Health

From the Global Stevia Institute: Spotlight on The Total Diet Approach, the latest position paper from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics How prioritizing the overall diet may help focus healthy eating messages. A person’s overall eating pattern is more important for a healthy diet... Read More

March 14, 2013 0 Comments
Diabetes , Obesity

It’s a tragic fact: Australia is dealing with an obesity epidemic. Along with obesity, we’re seeing a significant increase in heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers. Unfortunately, there seems to be no easy solution. Now, three of Australia’s most influential health groups are pointing... Read More

February 13, 2013 0 Comments

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