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Monk Fruit

Easy Butter Chicken Easy Butter Chicken
Follow our fantastic recipes   @alowcarblowsugarlifestyle   #ketohh Who doesn’t love a good Butter Chicken. This is a fantastic recipe that the whole family are going to love and it is really simple to make.  A smidgen of our Monkfruit Powder goes a long way in this recipe or you can use any of our sweeteners as specified in the...
Miso Eggplant Miso Eggplant
Follow our fantastic recipes   @alowcarblowsugarlifestyle   #ketohh A fabulous sugar free version of this Japanese classic. It only takes 20 minutes to make and there is a great recipe hack included in the recipe that uses instant miso soup as the miso glaze. For traditionalists there is also the more conventional recipe that uses sweetener in the glaze. Our...

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