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The Best Uses for SweetLeaf Stevia

SweetLeaf Stevia 

A Global Award Winner

If you’re on a low sugar or sugar free diet, then you’ll want a great tasting sweetener for your food and drink. We’ve recently written about the benefits of using Stevia products rather than Splenda, and here’s one that has been recognised worldwide: well made Stevia products have a fantastic taste, and the best Stevia product of all is SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops, which has recently won the title of the World Stevia Organisation’s (WSO) 2013 Best Stevia Product.

This award marks the 11th taste recognition award for SweetLeaf Stevia, and the third time it won the annual WSO Best product accolade. Last year, SweetLeaf Stevia Extract was named the best Stevia extract product, ideal for use in cooking and baking.

SweetLeaf Stevia: The hero from Zero

SweetLeaf can be bought in a variety of forms – tablets, liquid drops, granular, and packets – but perhaps the best thing about it is its zero qualities. It has:

  • Zero calories
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Zero glycaemic index

It really is the hero of natural sweeteners.

How to use SweetLeaf Stevia

Because it is produced in so many forms, SweetLeaf Stevia is ideal not only for taste but also for versatility. Whatever it is that you need sweetening – baking, cooking, a tasty snack, or hot and cold drinks – you’ll find a Stevia SweetLeaf product that is perfect for the job.

Take SweetLeaf Sweet Drops, for example. The amount you use can be minutely controlled, meaning supreme accuracy in all your recipes: you’ll never have a recipe too sweet or too bland again.

If you’re going to bake a lot on a single day, then SweetLeaf extract in powdered form is ideal for those baked goods you plan to refrigerate, while the clear liquid Stevia is best for the items you just can’t resist and want to eat straight away.

Flavoured Liquid Stevia (Sweet Drops) is ideal for using in hot beverages, though if you’re on the go then Stevia SweetLeaf tablets come in handy packs that are ideal to slip in a bag, purse, or pocket. They taste great, too, with none of the bitter aftertaste you would find with sweeteners made with unnatural products.

Great Recipes with SweetLeaf Stevia

If you’ve never tried SweetLeaf Stevia in your cooking and baking, then I would recommend you start off with a Chocolate Walnut Cake – it’s to die for. But if you fancy something other than chocolate and walnuts, then check out our blog where you’ll find we post the latest and greatest recipes regularly.

SweetLeaf Stevia tastes great, is easy to use, and is an all-natural product ideal in baking and beverages.

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