The smart cook’s sweetener! SweetLeaf SugarLeaf is identical to sugar for browning, caramelizing, and baking but has two-thirds fewer calories and carbohydrates.  With a simple conversion of 1 cup sugar to 1/3 cup SugarLeaf, this product is easy to adapt to any recipe that uses traditional sugar.sugarleaf#2

Unlike other sweeteners that are chemical products created in a laboratory,  SugarLeaf is naturally extracted stevia bonded to pure cane sugar. The only stevia to win 13 international taste and innovation awards, SweetLeaf Stevia is grown and extracted according to the highest standards. This helps create the superb taste that sets SugarLeaf apart.

With the bulk, taste and texture of sugar, SugarLeaf is ideal for cooking and baking. Try it for baking breads, muffins, pies, cakes and frostings; for sprinkling on desserts, making low-calorie candies and fudge, for ice cream, sherbet and beverages. Our SweetLeaf Cook Book provides plenty of ideas to get cooks started.