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Is Stevia is Suitable For Bodybuilding Diet?

Stevia is Suitable For Bodybuilding Diet

If you’re dieting for competition, or just general bodybuilding, you’ll be intent on losing body fat whilst maintaining energy levels. When searching for food sweetening products, many serious bodybuilders are turning to natural sweeteners, and top of the list for many are Stevia products.

What is Stevia?

Derived from a Paraguayan shrub, Stevia Rebaudiana, Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that, unlike sugar, doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, and has a zero calorific content. Because it’s natural, stevia doesn’t pollute the bloodstream – a major reason to steer clear of artificial sweeteners.
Stevia is also far sweeter than table sugar, meaning you need to use less of it to achieve the same taste effect, and it’s this effect that cuts the craving for sugary foods. And when that craving is cut, then your calorie intake falls and that aids your bodybuilding efforts.

How can you take Stevia?

Stevia is available in a variety of product types, and can be added to drinks and in cooking as a substitute for sugar. With zero calories and no carbohydrates, Stevia is available in granular, tablet, liquid, and powder form. It’s easy to carry, just like artificial sweeteners, and can be used for all your food sweetening needs.

What about other health issues?

The research of Stevia and Stevia products is growing, but already there are several studies showing that Stevia may be beneficial in combatting type-2 diabetes (for example the study by Anton et al, 2010) as well as obesity.
There have also been studies that indicate Stevia helps to reduce blood pressure by as much as 8% on the systolic level and 14% on diastolic, especially where hypertension is already a concern.

Where can you buy Stevia products?

There are an increasing number of Stevia product manufacturers, but care has to be taken to ensure that products are only purchased from high quality sources. Poorly produced Stevia products often have a bitter aftertaste like some artificial sweeteners, and can therefore act against their original purpose.
Naturally Sweet Products is Australia’s leading natural sweetener specialist, with a long history of serving satisfied customers, supplying Stevia products in all their available forms.

The bottom line

As part of an all-round dietary regime for bodybuilders, Stevia products do exactly what they say on the tin. You’ll find that through using Stevia to sweeten drinks and foodstuffs, or even using as a supplement in liquid form, your sugary food craving is supressed in the most natural way possible. With a lower calorie and carbohydrate intake, your bodybuilding is likely to achieve the results you desire more quickly with potential wider health benefits, too.

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