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Stevia - A Safe Source

The following is an extract from the Global Stevia Institute:

"At the Global Stevia Institute, we recognize that the safety of any ingredient is paramount. Stevia, a natural origin, no-calorie sweetener, offers many benefits including the safety support of rigorous scientific research and evaluation. Today, Stevia_Leafstevia is used around the world in thousands of foods and beverages.  We recently summarized the extensive body of science supporting stevia safety and its role as a naturally sourced, no calorie sweetening choice. The Institute’s Stevia Safety Review offers an in-depth look at stevia’s safety support and was reviewed by the Advisory Board.

Stevia Safety & Support

The safety of stevia for human consumption has been established through rigorous peer-reviewed research. All major global regulatory organizations, including the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additive (JECFA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), have determined stevia to be safe for consumption.

Stevia Groups

Stevia is Ingested, but Passes through The Body Without Effect

Largely responsible for stevia’s safety and no-calorie impact is the fact that steviol glycosides are poorly absorbed in the body. Through a series of digestive processes they are broken down into a compound called steviol glucuronide. The steviol glucuronide is then removed from the body in the urine with insignificant caloric impact. Research also shows that there is no accumulation of stevia (or any component or by-product of stevia) in the body and that it passes through the body nearly entirely.

Naturally Derived Stevia Sweetens a Reduced-Calorie Diet

With increased focus on rising obesity across the globe, it has become imperative that people begin to pay more attention to reducing the calories they consume to better manage their weight. Stevia is a safe, naturally sourced no-calorie sweetener suitable for main stream use that can be a sensible part of a more healthful dietary approach.

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