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Positive thinking could help with weight loss, study suggests

What if eating healthily and losing a few kilos could all come down to having a positive, healthy attitude? According to a new study, negative thought patterns could be the reason behind why some people gain weight.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that 'feeling fat' or believing you are big when you are in fact a healthy size could lead to weight gain in the future.

"Perceiving themselves as fat even though they are not may actually cause normal weight children to become obese as adults," study leader Koenraad Cuypers said in a statement issued on August 8.

Mr Cuypers believes one of the reasons behind this is that people are uncertain what a 'normal weight' is, thus causing them to constantly obsess over getting lighter or thinner.

"The weight norms for society must be changed so that young people have a more realistic view of what is normal," Mr Cuypers suggests.

"In school you should talk to kids about what are normal body shapes, and show that all bodies are beautiful as they are."

He also went on to explain that there should be more emphasis placed on health and wellbeing, as opposed to weight.

According to Mr Cuypers, many people develop unhealthy eating habits, such as skipping breakfast, because they are obsessing about their body size.

"Society needs to move away from a focus on weight, and instead needs to emphasise healthy eating habits, such as eating regular and varied meals and eating breakfast," he said.

We like the sound of this advice! It seems like many people need to change their thinking patterns about body image.

If this study proves correct, a shift in focus from weight to wellbeing may help everyone feel better about their bodies, as well as maintain a healthy size.

Instead of obsessing about your figure, why don’t you try and concentrate on eating well and feeding your body nutritious foods. This can help you stay positive and know that you are looking after yourself for all the right reasons, not just because you want to lose a few kilos.

And don't think that eating healthily means saying goodbye to all of your favourite foods. There are plenty of options that are delicious AND nutritious!

Take Stevia for example - this natural sweetener is much sweeter than sugar yet virtually free of calories. It can be added to hot drinks, baking and even sprinkled over cereal.

With healthy alternatives such as Stevia extract, you can enjoy all of your favourite treats without compromising your wellbeing, or your waistline!

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