It’s time your sweetener got zen. Dating back more than 800 years, enlightened Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia discovered the sweetening power of this very unusual, native fruit. The name monk fruit stuck, and today this intense, natural sweetener is considered 300 times sweeter than sugar. Yet, monk fruit extract is zero calories, zero sugar, and even has a zero-glycemic-response index so it will not increase blood sugar levels. Get ready to say ommmm.

SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops 50ml

SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops in our portable plastic bottles will have you saying OM yeah! With flavors like Caramel Macchiato and Strawberry Guava, these drops make sweetening up your favorite food and drinks a breeze. The convenient plastic bottle lets you put them in your purse, keep em’ in your desk drawer or take them with you on-the-go. Find your flavor now.

SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops 60ml

You’ll think you’ve reached nirvana with SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops. This versatile liquid form of our all-natural monk fruit sweeteners makes it easy to drop a little sweetness into just about anything. With flavours like Cremé Bruleé and Orange Passion Fruit, you can sweeten up your morning coffee, your next birthday cake, or even a salad dressing for the family bbq. Find your flavour now.