Those who adore sugary treats such as slices, biscuits and chocolates are often referred to by their friends and family as a 'sweet tooth'.

Yet the irony in this nickname is the habit of eating foods high in sugar can often wreak havoc on a person's teeth, leaving one's mouth anything but sweet.

If you are the sweet tooth in your circle, then maybe it's time to have a look at your eating habits and make sure that your craving for sugar doesn't lead to a decline in oral hygiene, or any other health conditions for that matter.

Here are a few tips that can help your teeth stay sparkly, white and cavity-free, without cutting out all sugary treats.

Brush, floss, cleanse

To start off simple, one of the most important things you can do is remember your basic oral hygiene. Brush for two minutes, twice a day, every day and if you have time, floss and use an antibacterial mouth wash.

Use a sugar replacement

By using a sugar replacement such as Xylitol, you can enjoy all of your favourite treats without harming your teeth.

You can add this sweetener to most of your baking and even to hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Or, if you are feeling really health conscious, then you can even use it to clean your teeth - some Xylitol products are made into mouth washes, gums and breath mints that actually work to fight away bacteria and leave your breath lovely and fresh.

Always be prepared

When possible, try to carry gum or a toothbrush on you. For example, you could keep a brush at work to use after lunch or a cup of coffee.

In this way you are always prepared, so next time you indulge on a few sips of a soft drink you can give your teeth a good clean straight away.

And as always, remember - everything in moderation. Sugary foods are okay every now and then, but daily they can start to cause problems.