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Healthy sweet treats for a mid-afternoon energy boost

When mid-afternoon rolls around, many people look to sugar or caffeine to give them the energy hit they need to get them through the rest of the day.

While a chocolate bar or a handful of lollies may give you the instant boost you are looking for, in the long run it can have negative impacts on your health.

Not only does regularly indulging in sugary snacks add a few centimetres to your waistline, it can also cause your energy levels to fluctuate - one minute you may be focused and motivated, the next your eyes could be drooping at your desk.

However, if you are one of those people that can't go without their afternoon treat, then why not try to make healthier choices?

By replacing the sugar content with stevia extract, you have yourself a sweet alternative - without the calories.

This is because stevia is a plant that grows in the wild - it is a naturally sweet, low-calorie option, making it the perfect sugar replacement to cure any mid-afternoon cravings.

It can be added to anything from your hot drinks to baked goods. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Home-made banana loaf

Baking doesn't have to be high in fat and sugar. There are plenty of natural, healthy alternatives that you can add to a cake to make it delicious.

Banana loaf is a good place to start. When ripe, bananas are already lovely and sweet. Adding stevia could mean that you don't need to use any sugar at all!

Opt for a low-fat margarine instead of butter and add some vitality-boosting nuts and seeds, such as linseed, sunflower or walnut and you have yourself a pretty healthy slice of energy.

Sweet tea

Do you ever feel like a sugar fix even though you aren't hungry at all? While it is best to only eat when you are hungry, sometimes you can't ignore those cravings for something sweet.

In these cases, try adding a little stevia to your tea. Low in calories, the taste will still be sugary and should leave you feeling satisfied. You can also use stevia in iced tea concoctions.

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