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Guilt-free snack ideas for busy people

Are you one of those people that others would describe as 'on-the-go - all the time'? Some people thrive on the adrenaline and excitement they get out of being busy, yet many find that other things in their life begin to suffer when they are working to a full schedule.

Often exercise and healthy eating are placed further and further down the list, far behind priorities such as 'pick the kids up from school' or 'hand that project in before the deadline'.

Meals are not enjoyed so much as quickly gobbled up in a spare window of opportunity, usually while you are waiting at a red light or when you are sitting at your desk frantically finishing a task.

And more often than not, the type of food eaten is quick and easy - takeaways and chocolate bars, muffins and store-bought sandwiches.

If this sounds like your life, then don't worry - eating healthily when you are on-the-go isn't as hard as you might think!

It just takes a little bit of forward thinking and preparation. Here are a few guilt-free snack ideas.

Raw mixed nuts

A small handful of raw nuts may not look like a lot to eat, but these little pieces of food do actually contain good nutrients. For example, cashews are a great source of minerals such as zinc, manganese and potassium, while all nuts are high in fibre which can make you feel full for longer.

Wholegrain sandwich

It only takes a few minutes to make a quick sandwich in the morning. If you are really pressed for time, choose a pure nut-based spread like almond or peanut butter, and avoid super sweet options like nutella or jam.

Or if you have a few extra minutes add some salad and protein. This is easy to eat on-the-go and if you make a big one, it could even be the right size for a quick lunch.


Fruits such as apples and mandarins are perfect for those who are busy. Keep a stash of fruit at work for those times when you begin to crave chocolate bars mid-afternoon.

Mini muffins (homemade)

Put aside some time one Sunday evening and make a batch of mini, healthy muffins. Baking can be great as it gives you complete control over what you put in your food.

Swap out sugar for Stevia extract, a natural healthy sweetener low in calories. Choose a low-fat tablespread instead of butter, and add chopped nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Much healthier than your average store-bought blueberry muffin!

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