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Five ways to decrease the amount of sugar in your diet

While it's dangerous to start separating foods into groups of good or bad, it's no secret that eating high amounts of sugar is far from nutritious.

In order to maintain good health and give your body what it needs, you may need to monitor your sugar intake.

Eating too much can wreak havoc on your energy levels and add extra centimetres to your waistline.

Here are a few ways that you can minimise how many of those white crystals you consume!

Make healthier choices

Be aware of your sugar intake so that when it comes to making food choices you can opt for something reasonably healthy.

For example, when choosing between a cup of tea or a hot chocolate, or a bag of lollies and a handful of cashews, how often do you stop to consider the sugar content?

Taking a few minutes to weigh up your options can help you make a choice based on what you have eaten that day, as well as what your body needs most.

Go savoury

Explore the range of savour and sugar-free snacks available, and try to swap fruit for vegetables occasionally.

Not only will this introduce you to new foods, it will also ensure you get a wide range of different nutrients.

Use a sugar replacement

Do you like to sweeten your tea or coffee? If you are a caffeine addict, this habit can see you add many spoonfuls of extra sugar to your diet every day.

You may want to try using a replacement instead. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is extracted from a plant, is much sweeter than most sugars and contains no aspartame.

Read food labels

Most of the sugar we eat in our diet creeps into foods such as sauces, cereals, breads and so on.

It's always a good idea to read labels and see what the ingredients are - this way you'll at least be aware of what snacks are truly 'healthy' and what actually have high quantities of fat and sugar.

Eat until you are satisfied

Last but not least, eating regular meals that leave you feeling full and satisfied may decrease the chances of you reaching for a chocolate bar come the afternoon.

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