Citrus Surprise Marmalade Recipe


1 kg Prepared Myer Lemons

1 kg Prepared Valencia Oranges

3 kg Prepared Cumquats

4.5 kg Naturally Sweet Xylitol



Prepare the cumquats by slicing finely and removing the seeds. Keeps the seeds aside.

Prepare the oranges and lemon by removing the skin and seeds and then removing the pith. Keep the seeds aside. Discard the pith. Finely slice the skin and fruit.

Wrap all the seeds in a muslin cloth.

Place the cumquats, lemons, oranges and seeds and the Naturally Sweet Xylitol in a pan and rapidly simmer for 40 minutes or until fruit has softened. Stirring frequently.

Bring the mixture to a brisk boil for a further 40 minutes. Stirring frequently.

Check the setting ability using the cold plate method. If not jelling, boil for a further period until jelling is achieved. Stirring frequently.

Remove the seeds and discard.

Ladle marmalade into hot sterilized jars, placed in a hot water bath.

Fill jars to within ½ from the top of the jar.

Seal quickly and tightly.

Remove from bath and place on a clean dry wooden draining board.

When cool apply labels.

Recipe Courtesy Granny Lyn


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