Chocolate Mousse Recipe


2 ½ cups toned milk
2 tbsp cornflour
3 tbsp cocoa
15 tsp of Naturally Sweet Stevia Blend
½ tsp butter
2 ½ tsp gelatin
2 cups thick curd - hang for ½ hour in a muslin cloth and squeeze well to remove all whey
1 ½ tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp chocolate sauce to garnish


Dissolve cornflour in ½ cup warm milk.
Put cocoa in a heavy bottomed pan. Pour ½ cup water on it and mix. Keep on fire and stir continuously on low heat for about 2 minutes till a dark paste is ready. Remove from fire.
Add the rest of the milk to cocoa paste and mix well using a wire whisk. Mix the cocoa on the sides of the pan nicely with the milk.
Keep on fire. When it starts boiling, add the dissolved cornflour paste, stirring continuously. Stir till the milk turns slightly thick, like custard and coats the spoon. Add 6tbsp Stevia to it. Heat for another two minutes and mix in butter. Keep the chocolate custard aside.
Stir gelatin in ¼ cup water. Pour mixture in a small pan, stir on low flame till gelatin dissolves. Remove from fire and add gelatin to the chocolate custard. Let it cool down.
Whip the hung curd with a whisk till smooth. Add essence while whipping.
Add the curd mix to the cooled chocolate custard and mix well.
Check sweetness. If less, add ½ spoon Stevia more depending on sourness of curd.
Transfer to individual serving cups or a dish and keep in the fridge for 3-4 hours or till set. Garnish with a swirl of chocolate sauce.

Serves 4

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