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Calorie counting: is it healthy?

If you are on a weight loss journey, then chances are you have heard people talk about calorie counting.

Many people write a food diary so that they can keep track of how many calories they consume.

The recommended daily amount varies from person to person, dependent on a number of factors such as weight, height, exercise and of course whether or not you are pregnant or have any other existing health conditions.

Some people swear by it as it motivates them to choose healthy options and to avoid overindulging, while others find it causes them to obsess and worry over food.

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of calorie counting.


- It teaches you mindfulness. By keeping track of what you eat, and how many calories each food contains, you are much more aware of what is going into your body. This can help you to make nutritional choices, and to limit your intake of sweet and fatty foods.

- It may help you feel in control. Many people find calorie counting empowering, because it’s not like following a strict detox diet. You can still choose what you are going to eat, and whether or not you go over your limit - it's all in your hands.


- Is it nutritional? A common problem many people have with calorie counting is that it focuses on fat and carbohydrates, as opposed to nutrition. For example, fruit is high in sugar but contains lots of fibre. Or nuts and seeds are high in fat but are a good source of protein and energy.

- It will limit my options! Some people dislike having to follow any sort of diet, and find that watching their calorie intake takes all the fun out of eating. It's all about how you approach it, though - there's usually room to include a small treat, you just have to watch portion sizes.

Whatever option you choose, you may find that Stevia can help you on your weight loss journey. Known as a healthy sugar, this natural sweetener is a great alternative and can be added to sweet drinks, baking and even sprinkled on cereal.

Stevia extract is low in calories and contains no aspartame.

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