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Are you thinking about going sugar free?

One eating regime that has been attracting a lot of interest lately is the sugar-free detox.

Whether it's in the spirit of the challenge or in the aim of weight loss, a few people have been trying to kick their sugar habit completely to the curb.

That means no fruit, no sweet cereal, no baking - absolutely nothing with sugar content.

If the idea of that sounds impossible to you, then you are not alone. Once you start thinking about it, sugar is everywhere in our diet - from breads to sauces, it's a pretty hard substance to avoid.

That said, if you are determined on going on a detox then here are a few tips to help you succeed in a way that is both safe and healthy.

Set yourself a sensible time limit

There's a difference between giving up sugar for three days and three months. If this is the first time you are trying to live without it, set yourself a time limit no longer than a week.

If you succeed and feel healthier as a result, then try for two weeks the next time and slowly build yourself up.

However, if you want this to be sustainable long term it is highly recommended that you speak to a healthcare professional.

Plan and prepare

You have to be very mentally resilient to stick to a detox. It helps if you are prepared. Try to plan out your meals in advance so that you are getting enough energy through other types of foods.

Nuts, grains and seeds are all great sources of vitality, as are proteins and some carbohydrates.

To satiate your sweet tooth, you could also look for some sugar-free treats. Why not make a tray of healthy muffins using Stevia? This is a natural sweetener that is low in calories and contains no aspartame.

Slowly add sugar back into your diet post-detox

Once you have finished your detox, it could be tempting to inhale a king size pack of lollies within the space of a few minutes.

However, this would only undo all of your hard work - not to mention wreak havoc on your energy levels.

Instead, try to slowly add sugar back into your diet. Start with fruit and cereals and other items like this, but try to avoid using it in your baking, hot drinks or on your breakfast.

For this, you can permanently use Stevia extract instead, which can help you maintain a low sugar diet over a longer period of time.

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